Anonymous asked: It slightly upsetting me how we are seeing no hyoyeon and the other members is she not a snsd member now?? And yet people say hyoyeon has gotten enough attention so we shouldn't be complaining SMH delusional people!

Yeahhh it’s definitely disheartening but maybe they’re trying to give her a bit more time to let things settle down and allow Hyoyeon to relax?… I dont know. It’s hard to tell what SM has planned for the girls in the future and Im triyng to wait things out a bit more before I get too upset about this lack of Hyoyeon activities. 

Anonymous asked: It's really depressing to see hyoyeon having no activities I miss her soo much, she isn't treated likes member of snsd at all just a basic backup! Even sunny who doesn't get much gets more than her sunny has had dubbing for rio 2, musical this year & now she was in a photoshoot, I wonder what hyoyeon must be thinking while all the other members are doing things, they should've giving her things to do, she shouldn't be sitting at home thinking about her future like she said on HC it's sad! :(

Aigoo I know the lack of Hyoyeon lately is really upsetting. I need more than pics of her outside of SM! But seriously, Im sure SM has at least a few activities planned for Hyoyeon- I am keeping my hope in them on this. I just hope they give her some interesting activities- and relatively soon plz! TT^TT 

I think Im gonna give it some more time and wait until after the Japan Tour before I pull out the pitchforks on SM about the lack of Hyoyeon.

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sexy hyoyeon or cute hyoyeon request by hyonai 

“bonus mr mr edition ^-^“

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"You ask us about our teamwork, but really there is no secret, we just live like sisters."

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