here I posted two for all the hard work you guys did

My gorgeous date who will accompany to Hyoyeon’s tooshie

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Good job, SONE! Now it’s time to put all of our work into The Boys (x), Mr. Taxi (x), and Oh! (x) The Boys and Mr. Taxi won’t take too long, I hope, but Oh! might take a while. But, that’s fine, because I know our fandom is extremely hardworking, just like our girls. Let’s do this, SONE! Hwaiting~

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Anonymous said: Hello it's Anon A I haven't spoken to you in ages how are you btw? AHHH it seems that Hyoyeon still has no solo projects for this year very upset however apart from that we have K-con and SMtown to look forward too! I wonder what special stages they will have for SMtown?

heeeey im doing well, thanks for asking. How are you? I know. the “no big solo” thing is killing me. Smtwon and kcon are definitely things to look forward to, but can i just admit that im gonna be bitter about a TTS comeback. I really am, im sorry. This whole year has just been a crock of shit for SM though, seriously. Im just glad the girs are still going strong as a whole despite the shitstorm that is SM entertainment. 

Stil, I reallllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy want Hyo activities. Something more substantial than a photoshoot preferably. Let me be slefish here. 



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guys i know i’m saying this again, but please vote. There are only two hours, no, screw that there are less then 2 hours until the polls close and we’re so close. SO close. So please, just give it your all these final hours. PLEASE

guys this is the billboard. Not just some random, crappy, not vital to our girls poll, this is the billboard, one of the most respected music charts in the world. So please, please, voteee

It wont let me vote. if any of my followers could give this a quick click and vote for the gals that’d be great

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