In the Kpop fandom, the fact that there are some fans that think a male idol could never EVER do any wrong even if he did something horrific such as abuse and assault his significant other, yet if a female idol were to so much as sneeze she’s suddenly the scum of the earth speaks so much to the extremely worrying trend of misogyny in this fandom. 

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woah i actually feel guilty for not being more hype about tts’s second album

also, (and this will probably ruffle some fine sone feathers), Holler’s chorus is freaking annyoing- almost as bad as gossip girl’s

🎸guitar lesson 🎶✌️

🎸guitar lesson 🎶✌️

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SNSD - Star Star Star

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It feels like a time where we realize that there has to be nine.

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Anonymous said: Still no activities for hyoyeon this year! Ugh I'm soo annoyed and they also have a Japanese music video and new song coming out soon and we all know how Japan songs end up being for hyoyeon ugh! I really wnat her to have a solo like she always wants to do!

Yeahhhh this year has really bummed me out as far as hyo-activities. Seriously. I hope they have her doing /something/ productive behind-the-scenes because this shit is starting to annoy me a lot. And as much as I’d die for a solo, I definitely dont see it happening. If anything, some other SNSD solos would be really fucking cool- but again, it’s not something I see SM putting the effort forth for. In the meantime, I hope Hyoyeon is getting to relax and do as many puzzles as her heart desires while she plays with vivian an babara